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Could YOU survive going sugar free?

Article by boka

5th March 2019

Boka health

Could YOU survive going sugar free?

From headaches to chronic cravings, woman shares her VERY honest diary charting what happened when she cut out the sweet stuff for 28 days.

Femail challenged sales and marketing executive Alice Welch, 30, from London, to cut out sugar from her diet completely and here she reveals how she got on.

‘Desperate to find something that would get me through the sugar cravings in between meal times, I looked online for sugar free snacks and came across Boka who have sugar free marshmallows (24 mini packs, £10) so I decided to buy some for after meals.

‘These were great on the go for a quick sweet hit without the sugar come down and I noticed they are actually stocked in hospitals and schools so actually stack up.’

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