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Make your Boka even better! 5 ways to maximise your Boka’s deliciousness

Article by boka

3rd November 2017

Buon Appetito!

Make your Boka even better! 5 ways to maximise your Boka’s deliciousness

Yes, Boka bars are healthy (four green traffic lights means you’re good to go!) but more importantly, they’re delicious! Cereal snack bars are to be enjoyed, so here are some tips for make your Boka bars even better….

1. Have a Caramel with your coffee…

The 11am coffee break is the perfect time to enjoy a caramel flavoured Boka bar. We recommend hiding a stash of them well away from the kids (perhaps in the office snack drawer), because enjoying the scrumptiousness of caramel is a serious business and is best left to adults.

Sit back, close eyes and allow the lovely, nostalgic sweetness of the caramel to melt into the rich darkness of each gulp of Americano. Hmmmmm….

2. …. And an Apple & Cinnamon with your afternoon tea

Same routine, but save it for the afternoon ‘slump’. Come 3pm, you’ve earned it. Take a break from the screen, switch on the kettle and while it’s boiling think about how you’re about to enjoy unwrapping a Boka, and how the crisp apple and warming cinnamon flavours are going to really zing with a hot cuppa.

After a snack like that you’ll breeze through to hometime. It’s like a power nap, only tastier.

3. Strawberries for pudding!

Ok, you can let the kids in on this one. True, Boka bars may have a lot less sugar than a typical ‘healthy’ fruit yoghurt, but more importantly, they’re a much tastier treat…

Dish out the Strawberry Boka bars after dinner (they’re a really strawberryish strawberry flavour) and keep the kids happy. Who knows – it may even keep them quiet for a minute too.

4. Treat yourself after the gym

Exercise makes you feel good and virtuous, right? You deserve a treat after a hard workout. So why not have one?

Things taste even better when you’re hungry, so save your Boka until after the gym and reward your labours with a delicious bar (with the extra bonus of not adding to your guilt.)

5. Do a lucky dip

Strawberry, Apple & Cinnamon, Caramel – which is your favourite? Can’t make up your mind? Stash a load of mixed Bokas bars in your drawer, cover your eyes and  – no peeping – pull one out at random.

You’ll appreciate the flavour even more when you’re not sure which one’s about to hit your taste-buds.

So there you go – five ways to make your Boka even better. And watch out for more flavours coming soon!

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