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Healthy food brand launches fourth flavour low sugar cereal bar and snacks

Article by boka

7th April 2017

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Healthy food brand launches fourth flavour low sugar cereal bar and snacks

Healthy food brand launches fourth flavour low sugar cereal bar and new low sugar snacks, adding to a growing range of all green traffic light products

Healthy snack brand Boka Food, launched the fourth flavour Boka Bar, Choco Mallow at the International Food Exhibition in March along with two new additions to the expanding range of products; Boka Pot – Granola and Boka Treat – sugar free marshmallows.

All products in the Boka Food range have all green traffic lights status; low fats, low sugars and low salt. The Boka bars are available in four flavours – apple & cinnamon, caramel, strawberry and now choco mallow.

The 30g bars are under 100 calories and have a RRP of 89p.

The Boka Pot, a 50g pot of granola is available in Strawberry flavour, the pot contains less than 200 calories with 100ml semi skimmed milk or milk equivalent and has a RRP of £1.29.

Boka Treat, a 35g bag of sugar free marshmallows contains only 75 calories and has a RRP of 79p.

A typical bar contains:


“We want people to eat our snacks because they enjoy them first and foremost, with the added bonus that they are healthier than the alternatives.

The bars we have created are a great tasting and satisfying snack that are very low in sugar and high in fibre, the sugar free marshmallows are a great treat when looking for something sweet without the sugar.

The granola pots makes a great breakfast on the go, again with low sugar and high fibre which has clear health benefits while also keeping you feeling fuller for longer.”

“Our Boka bars have been successful in corporate and healthcare environments, supporting sugar reduction and healthier living programmes. Boka is also attracting the attention of the retail sector.”


Company information

Boka Food is an energetic, innovative company established in 2016. The company’s mission is to develop great tasting healthy snacks which are portable affordable and deliver in taste.

The first product launched in the Boka Food range was the cereal bar in June 2016. The Boka cereal bar has all green traffic lights and there is a patent on the formulation process. New products are continually being added to the Boka Food range. These include Boka Pots – granola and Boka Treat – sugar free marshmallows were launched at IFE. All products will have four green traffic lights the official way of showing that they’re super low in sugar, fat, saturates and salt.

At Boka, we love delicious snacks but we don’t love the amount of sugar they typically contain. So stop squinting at labels and worrying about hidden sugars, and start enjoying delicious snacks…Remember, four green lights means you’re good to go!