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Boka launches first TV campaign on Nickelodeon ‘‘4 Green Lights’’

Article by Franco Beer

19th July 2019

Boka Kids

Boka launches first TV campaign on Nickelodeon ‘‘4 Green Lights’’

Our very first TV advertising campaign with children’s TV network Nickelodeon was launched on Saturday 8th of June. It is called “4 Green Lights”, we hope you love it as much as we do!



Our Boka cereal bars are so special to us, they are the heart of the company, they were the first products we launched. With “4 green traffic lights” on front of pack of all our Boka bars, they offer families a choice of a healthier snack, while tasting delicious.  We have partnered with Nickelodeon TV, the entertainment company that has built its business by putting kids first in everything it does – KidsRule! To spread the Bokalicious news!

Using the traffic lights system of food labelling, all Boka products are known for their ‘‘4 Green Lights’’, meaning all products are low in fat, low in saturates, low in sugar and low in salt. Boka is on a mission to champion clearer information on food labels and our ad campaign on Nickelodeon is our next step to achieving this. Due to its healthy credentials, Boka is one of the few snack brands able to advertise on children’s TV, confirming its place as one of the healthiest snack bars on the market.

Creative production from The Kitchen has created the campaign ‘‘4 Green Lights’’ which comes to life in a 30 seconds TV ad, using fun and imaginative creative to educate children and parents of the Boka bars “4 green traffic lights”. In this ad, set on a kitchen work surface, four Boka bars conga along the kitchen top and when one proceeds to limbo under a ruler, the others dance around, one juggling fruit before running back into the lunch box they first appeared from when the voice-over says, ‘‘But careful Dad’s love them too!’’ Can you spot the Boka t-shirt on the washing line in the background?

Franco Beer, Founder of Boka says: ‘‘The TV campaign on Nickelodeon uses the four green traffic light messaging at its centre, demonstrated through a fun and engaging visual. Being one of the only snack brands able to advertise on children’s TV reinforces our healthy credentials to families who can trust they are making the right choice when purchasing our products. For us it is about educating as many consumers as we can on how to snack more healthily and reaching new audiences via this campaign will help our mission to do this.’’

Virginia Monaghan, VP Marketing, Commercial and Events at Nickelodeon says ‘‘We’re looking forward to the partnership with Boka – furthering our commitment to showcasing the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle to our young audience. Boka’s products are a great way to educate families on the importance of healthy snacking and we’re delighted to have the ads running across the Nickelodeon network.”

Three flavours of our cereal bars Apple & Cinnamon, Choco Mallow and Caramel are available from Sainsbury’s nationwide in multi-packs of four.

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Share your thoughts on the ad, your favourite dancing Boka bar and whether your Dad loves Boka bars too! #4greenlights.